Our work began in 2005 when Romero Institute staff went to South Dakota to meet with members of the Oceti Sakowin Oyate—People of the Seven Council Fires—commonly known as the Great Sioux Nation.

The men told us of a long history of treaty violations, military defeats, and systemic corruption that has resulted in the loss of their most sacred lands. The women talked to us about the children and grandchildren and the epidemic of young ones being removed from their homes, families, and traditions—a problem so widespread that it has decimated the generation charged with carrying their culture forward.

The Lakota People’s Law Project (LPLP) was born from these discussions. Since opening our first office in South Dakota in 2006, the primary focus of our work has been the Lakota Child Rescue Project. The focus of this project is to set up Child and Family Service Programs outside the jurisdiction of South Dakota’s department of social services. We know that any genuine attempt at justice begins with returning the children.

We are now setting up a coalition calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to follow the work that Canada, South Africa and others have done.  Please read our report and sign our petition here.

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    1. We are currently working to redirect federal funding to each tribe in South Dakota and away from the corrupt state system. For this reason, we cannot take on any individual cases at this time.

  1. What can I do to help ! I can quilt and crotchet blankets for children and they’re families for the winter to keep them all warm.

  2. Is there additional information about the First Nations people in the art which accompanies the story on S. Dakota secretly removing Native First Nation’s people history from the curriculum. Also anything about the artist? The genocide continues does it not … ?

  3. I think your protest is totally unfounded and the reason you are pursuing this is because you think if you make a fuss about it you will then become entitled to take what you did not earn. This is typical of the Socialist-Communist-Globalist- Freeloading-Democrat mental disease of Entitlement. This is a plague in our Country. And who has put you up to this? You see that others are getting something for nothing so you want some too?
    The reality at this time in America is that Oil is Life! The Pipe Line is a Life Line! This has noting to do with the Water we are only able to provide you with because of the Oil.

    Without Oil, there is no water! Is that so difficult to comprehend? Is that why you don’t want a Life Line to cross your Reservation? Because you can not comprehend how Oil provides you with food and water, and everything that sustains your existence?

  4. Much concern has been raised that the Law Project continues to state that ETP/DAPL IS drilling, when in fact they are not (at least “yet”). Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Archambault has issued a 2 page letter asking that the camp be dismantled as soon as the weather clears. I think it would be Respectful to the Oceti Sakowin hosts that you post an update about that here and on your FB page? Half truths are sometimes more dangerous than non truths, we all know how fast ‘rumors’ travel.
    If I have offended anyone, that is absolutely not my intention. It’s just that millions of people are watching from afar and I think it is incumbent on all of us to give the best and most up to date information we can, ongoing.

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