How to build a fort

What happens when you learn how to build a fort? Well, you might begin with a simple one, perhaps a barn or a few logs of wood around the outskirts of your home. As time goes by, you’ll slowly expand outwards, not forgetting about the purpose of building the fort in the first place: to […]

Child Support Victory for Alaska’s Tribal Courts

After a long fought battle, the First Nations of Alaska now rightfully have control over child support cases for eligible families in their jurisdiction.  Alaska must now recognize child support orders from tribal courts thanks to the State’s Supreme Court ruling in March. Additionally, the court ruled that tribal court jurisdiction now extends to non-member […]

The Lakota Law Project Report

In a last ditch effort to protect the Missouri river from the Dakota Access Pipeline, dozens of tribal members from South and North Dakota gathered last Friday to protest. A camp has been set up at the point where the proposed pipeline would cross the river, and protesters plan to stay until the pipeline is […]

Indian Child Welfare Act Data to Finally be Recorded by ACF

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) collects demographic and case-specific  information on children who are in foster care or adopted, yet has never collected Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) related data on American Indian and Alaska Native children in child welfare systems. A recent proposal may change this and increase the efficiency of ICWA. ICWA was […]