We call upon the United States Congress to convene a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to provide redress to the Native American community for the harmful legacy of the Boarding School Era.

What is it?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission format is an effective methodology used successfully in numerous countries faced with historic injustices that continue to have lingering repercussions. Notable examples include South Africa and Canada. The commission will serve a threefold purpose.

  1. To expose the true extent of the injustices caused to various Native American tribes due to the federal policy of the Boarding School Era, which subjected numerous individuals to forced assimilation into the dominant Caucasian culture.
  2. To determine to what extent those policies continue to contribute to social ills that continue to plague Native American communities, particularly on reservations, where poverty, neglect, unemployment, poor health outcomes, high dropout rates continue to be an unaddressed problem.
  3. To effect a reconciliation between the Native American communities and the federal government, and to give Native American individuals an effective means of redress so a renewal can take place..